Issue - Roll Backl

Hello !
I just had quite a big roll back. My character was lvl 70 when i disconnect. And now i m back lvl 55. Like 3 to 4h of playing. Huge frustration :smiling_face_with_tear:
Is it fixable? I ll stop playing until then.
Thanks for your help and the awesome game

Do you have an estimated time for when this occurred? Additionally, what timezone are you in?

A list of the things you believe you lost (stash, crafting materials, XP, gold, etc.) would be helpful as well.

Very sorry for the delay in answer, didn’t see a notification until now.
The rollback happens 1h before i sent the bug request. I am playing from Paris (France, Paris time zone).
We are speaking about one character, my blademaster. I lost indeed exp, from lvl 70 to lvl 55.
Pretty hard to tell you exactly what i lost in terms of materials. I can tell you i lost 2 rune of ascendance, around 200k of gold. And lost of course progression. I had finish the campaign and 4 first monolyths
Thanks a lot and have a great day