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Isolation Soul hitting the ground

Operating System: Window 10

Detailed description: Trying out Isolation route for the first time. The Skull sometimes hit the ground and not fly to the target. Could be blocked by terrain but the smaller “souls” don’t have this problem.

Great Soul node is really not good. I don’t understand the point of having BIGGER SIZE. It’s not like the skull can hit several targets like an Explosion. It increases mana cost way too high to the point that I can’t spam it effectively. The poison and Soul Swarm route don’t increase mana much and I can get bonus Poison damage for free.

I really don’t see the point of Great Soul unless it can hit a explosion. And also, Soul Drain effect is horrible. Only 10% on a kill and for a pitiful 3 mana? With rank 4 Great Soul, my spell costs 16!!! And you need Rank 5 Mind Harvest just to get 10 mana back on a Kill 10% of the time? The spell itself costs 16! There is zero point to go for this route IMO.

Look at Decayed Mind. It subtracts -1 mana and gives me 5% extra chance to Poison. It’s a win-win. If you ask me, the nodes should be the other way around. Isolation gets big mana discount because you need to spam more often. I would suggest:

Soul Drain - you gain 3% mana regen when soul hits
Mind Harvest - you gain extra 1% mana regen and increase Spell casting by 3%

Either way, I believe the flight path of Great Soul is bugged. Several times it hits the ground.

What were you doing at the time? fighting in Arena

How consistently does this happen? yes, against enemies and even aiming at a Barrel

Your system information:

Your log file:

Thanks for the report! We’ll be looking into this very soon.


Please do try to post only one issue per thread.

Especially if the topics are different (bug fix & balance feedback).

For “balance” issue threads, do I create in the Class forum? Here is only for Bugs right?

Don’t think Great Soul is bugged. It just doesn’t seem very useful at the moment with great mana increase and only one target.

Thanks! I am enjoying this game a lot even during Alpha! Playing different styles.

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Yeah, that’d be a good place for it. :slight_smile:

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