Is Woven Flesh viable for endgame?

Hi, I am on my first playthrough, lvl 66 and just started with monoliths… Am a roque with flurry and acid flask, and wonder if Woven Flesh is viable to use for endgame, or not so much? I found it with 2 legendary potential, is that anything special, or rather common? If I ever find a good chest to merge it with, what would you put on the other chest? Vitality, added meele dmg, added physical damage, vitality?


I’m on my first playthrough as well, so I can’t fully answer your question, but:
Legendary potential goes up to 4, which is really rare to find.
But if you farm one with 4 legendary potential and fuse it with a really damn good purple,
I’d say that the “Can’t be crit” on woven flesh should be quite useful in endgame for some builds.

Woven Flesh is a relatively good unique. If your build doesn’t require class specific armour affixes you can use it for a very long time.

Woven Flesh is very unlikely to drop with 4LP. This will stay a dream for 99.9 % of players. 1LP will already take some time to get. So I won’t count or plan with a 4LP one. If it drops, GZ! :wink:

2LP is pretty good, Woven Flesh is a decent base, the leech stuff is ok but crit avoidance the most useful stat. It depends on the build what to put on it, some skills really want a class specific affix (such as minion melee crit or bleed per sword or flat lightning to shuriken), some skills really need + skill level(only on chest for some skills), attribute stacking builds really want the attribute(dex/str/int) as it is highest on chest, if a build doesn’t NEED any of the above then you can’t go wrong with % health and resist(highest on chest).

My advice, just keep it and if you have a char struggling with crit avoidance, then merge it as per that build.