Is Woven Flesh viable for endgame?

Hi, I am on my first playthrough, lvl 66 and just started with monoliths… Am a roque with flurry and acid flask, and wonder if Woven Flesh is viable to use for endgame, or not so much? I found it with 2 legendary potential, is that anything special, or rather common? If I ever find a good chest to merge it with, what would you put on the other chest? Vitality, added meele dmg, added physical damage, vitality?


I’m on my first playthrough as well, so I can’t fully answer your question, but:
Legendary potential goes up to 4, which is really rare to find.
But if you farm one with 4 legendary potential and fuse it with a really damn good purple,
I’d say that the “Can’t be crit” on woven flesh should be quite useful in endgame for some builds.

Woven Flesh is a relatively good unique. If your build doesn’t require class specific armour affixes you can use it for a very long time.

Woven Flesh is very unlikely to drop with 4LP. This will stay a dream for 99.9 % of players. 1LP will already take some time to get. So I won’t count or plan with a 4LP one. If it drops, GZ! :wink:

2LP is pretty good, Woven Flesh is a decent base, the leech stuff is ok but crit avoidance the most useful stat. It depends on the build what to put on it, some skills really want a class specific affix (such as minion melee crit or bleed per sword or flat lightning to shuriken), some skills really need + skill level(only on chest for some skills), attribute stacking builds really want the attribute(dex/str/int) as it is highest on chest, if a build doesn’t NEED any of the above then you can’t go wrong with % health and resist(highest on chest).

My advice, just keep it and if you have a char struggling with crit avoidance, then merge it as per that build.

i have tried this on my forge guard using warpath but i dont think the uniqe item is working proberly

Yes it works. Which part do you think isn’t working?

So many people in early endgame use this for the quick 100% crit avoidance if it was not working I’m fairly confident we’d see a lot of people talking about it not working.

Protection from crits is important for harder content, and it’s not that hard to get

  • up to 70 % crit avoidance from Reign of Dragons blessing (though you will potentially lose on other good things like leech and all resistances), plus T5 suffix on one of Boots, Gloves, Belt, Ring, Helmet, or on passive tree
  • you can get up to 100% Reduced Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes from one suffix, if you use two-handed melee weapon (except staffs)

Woven flesh is good until you get protection from crits elsewhere. Then something else would probably be better, you can get more health easily and leech is usually not a problem.
But in the end it’s always up to you and your build, if it’s worth using. Decide yourself, it’s part of fun!

i dont get health on leech using woven flesh

It doesn’t give you “health on leech”, it gives a % of overkill damage leeched as hp (so if a mob had 100 hp & you did 500 damage, the 400 hp is the overkill damage & that’s what the leech from the chest is calculated off) aa well as increased leech rate (normally leech is applied over 3-4 seconds, can’t remember which, this stat increases the amount you get per second) and % increased leech (increases the amount you get).

It does work, but depending on your build, it could be a small amount of leech & if you’re doing a minion build it’ll be zero as its player leech not minion leech (and if it was minion leech they would get the health, not you) and would only work off player damage.


Not sure what you are counting as endgame. My take on it is this…

You need 100% crit avoidance for what I consider endgame. This would be pushing mono corruption (not to 200 which is standard farming number, I mean beyond that) OR are pushing arena as far as you can. I do not have enough experience in dungeons to comment on that, as I despise them. Without 100% you will be one-shotted all over the place at that endgame. I even rate achieving this as of higher priority than capping resists. Some people will disagree, I would argue those people are wrong. No amount of resist will prevent a crit-based one-shot at endgame.

So my “rules” would be…

  1. If your build needs a specific chest to work, you use that chest, otherwise…
  2. If you have less than 100% crit avoidance (or have 100% reduced crit bonus damage), use Woven Flesh, otherwise…
  3. Use what you like.

That is significantly less punishing than not having 100% crit avoidance. If you’re at 99% crit avoidance you’ll be crit from time to time & that may well kill you (especially if you’ve been stacking crit chance & crit multi modifiers). If you’re at 99% reduced bonus damage taken from crits you probably won’t notice.