Is Unity going to be sufficient for this kind of game?

After signing up with the kickstarter campain i just recently started to actually play the game. I quickly noticed that lag is at this point a severe problem and needs to be adressed before the game can ever become a success. Now i just noticed to my shock and surprise that it is made in Unity !

Can this even be solved ?
Are there any games of comparable complexity made in unity that work smoothly ?
(the most complex unity game i know off is kerbal space program, but even though complicated real time math must be done there, i imagine it being much, much less heavy than this game because there aren’t that many objects, projectiles etc.)

Unity is not the problem. Especially now with Data-Oriented Tech Stack. Also one of the most complex simulation have Cities skylines, which is Unity game. Unity is also used for real time augmented reality, which are also quite taxing.

This is on shoulders of developers, engine is fine.

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