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Is uniqes worth it or is purpel and crafted items better for stats

Hi i have found a build i rly like but have hard time finding oput what ype of gear i shuld focus on the only uniqes i have found for the build is Herkirs vessel wings of arrgentus and calamity for there base inc to fire dmg. the skill scales of fire dmg and dext. Or if i shuld focus on crafting geear insted whit fire modiferes. not rly a fan of uniqes being obsulete compared to crafdted gear like tis in poe.

Imho, there are only a few uniques that are worth it for the end-game.

These depend on the build… for example a low life build needs Exsanguinous. or Wings of Argentus works very well with a kiting build…

Or the unique has a special stat that nothing else has…

Sometimes a purple has a lucky stat and you can make a god-tier piece for a specific build but its very very rare to get this lucky.

Most of the time a well crafted rare is the best option or at least the easiest option.

ok thx

Focus on both i would say.
You can look up all the uniques and set items here:

In my opinion there are way more interesting/good uniques then Aheji is stating but that is my opinion.

I do think that there should be more powerful/interesting uniques however.
At the same time it is hard to hit the sweet spot i think. You dont want a situation like D3 has were Uniques are the best options for every slot most of the time. Then you can throw away every crafted item and dropped item if you know what i mean :slight_smile:

Uniques are not Legendaries like in D3.

Uniques are supposed to be Unique in some way.
Most of them ”unlock” more build choices. Example Low level builds or they change damage type specific skill. So that’s why they can feel useless for your build. But this way even crafted rare gear can be very powerful if it has right stats for your build.

You can easily test what stats gives best output and then start hunting gear. :slight_smile:

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