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Is Thorns Viable

Asking since it’s not in poe. Also if it is what classes? Thanks.

Reflect damage is one of two things, flat or %. % reflect is based on the damage you take after mitigation so it’ll only ever be “viable” on minions (& it’s been nerfed a few times). Flat reflect is a special damage type that ignores all mob DR so it might be ok & if it is then it’s probably best on a Primalist using Spriggan Form to spam Thorn Shield ideally with the Hazelroot sceptre & Thornshell shield. But even then, there will be much better ways you could build a Spriggan & bosses are going to be a hard counter to you especially if they use DoTs (which don’t hit & therefore can’t trigger reflect damage). But for trash, sure.

Maybe something like this.

With as much flat & % hp, attunement, vit & any resists to cap them on the idols.

Spriggan Thorn Shield build is decent but it really needs a single-target attack that uses your reflect so you can do bosses better. Maybe a unique that modifies Spriggan’s Thorn Volley to have your reflect damage added.

I’ve made a pacifist FG using Rebuke. It was interesting as a theoretical exercise, but was definitely a slog and corrupted timelines were brutal. I’ll probably return to it on release because I like the challenge.