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Is this viable?

I recently found my fourth idol that give chance to cast Smite on hit with throwing attacks, so I tried to use them. Do you think this could be viable? Right now it’s rather weak, but I can find far better weapons and gear.

I’d probably change a few things:

Not quite sure why you’re going balls to the wall on mana. You can get back mana from Smite on hit with the helm prefix (doesn’t require Smite to be manually cast which the Time & Faith passive node does) which will make the build significantly mana positive, you’re missing quite a lot of throwing affixes & with the above you’ll have Hammer Throw be free. Not sure if you want to go DW or axe/shield.

The gear is what I found, not something optimal I agree. I don’t have the “mana from Smite” shards, that would have been great! Same for the axe, I don’t have one available at the moment. I have a katana, but with poor affixes.
I do love dual wielding, but I found this nice shield, so I use it. I think I also removed the passive point for DW, I’ll set it back later. ^^
I see all your changes. I think they answer one of my concerns, I was wondering if Hammer Throw was dealing significant damage or if the main damage dealer was Smite. The changes you made in Holy Aura show that HT is a realy damage dealer, which is good.
Thanks for all this! :slight_smile:

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