Is this intended filter behavior?

The item filter for the most part works great, but I have orphaned light beacons everywhere forcing me to have item text enabled all the time so I know if there’s anything for me to loot.

I think currently there is no way to disable the Lightning Beams from Exalted and Unique Items.

But if you have a very specific filter and are confident in your filter you don’t need to pay attention to them.

And in case you want to take a quick look at what is on the ground youj can press and hold X to temporarily disable the loot filter.

You misunderstand, I want item text being off COMPLETELY as my default and only enable it to see lootable items that fit the item filters. The filter toggle doesn’t help at all because I only want to see the filtered items not everything.

I’m not talking about just exalted and unique items…I mean the light beacons that come from everything all the way down to white/normal items. It’s a sea of beacons everywhere regardless of what kind of filter I’m using.

Ok, I am still confused.
You are talking about text? But you are also laking about light beacons.

Regarding text you can easily hide everything that you DON’T want to look at.

Regarding light beacons, I assume you are talkign about the small visual effect/model of items/bags that are visible on the floor.

These were added reletively recently and I think I have nto seen a lot of feedback about it, if you want an option to hide them, when you loot filter is hiding them, that might be good feedback.

I do have multiple issue with how loot is displayed, but yeah…if the light beams attached to every single item on the ground would at least obey filter rules I could work with it.

Goal: Using filtered beacons as the indicator for usable loot instead of item text.

When there is a lot going on on the screen the text is waaaay mroe prominent then those ground visuals, so I think you could very easily miss loot.

That would be my problem, and not yours. I have no issues seeing the beacons.

Nah I disagree.
If you give the player the option to ruin the experience for themselves that should be avoided at all cost.

For example a while ago pressing Z would hide all item labels. Some people would play minutes or hours with that setting without realising. This was changed to Alt + Z by default, to make it less of a misclick.

So with the option you suggesting, this should be a very intentional option that you have to enable somwhere in the options. It should not be as easy as using the loot filter.

Because for exalted items and Uniques for example if you setup your loot filter and accidentally hide unique or exalted items the ground visuals remind you, OH I forgot something.

That’s all I’m asking for…also again this isn’t just exalted/unique items…the beams are on EVERYTHING all the way down to the white items that aren’t even worth picking up to sell.

No, that’s not intended behaviour (unless they changed things).

I dont think this would ever happen, as clicking on the item name is currently hw you pick up an item.

Obviously you need to click the name to actually loot the item, where did I ever say otherwise?

…but didnt you want names not to show?

path of exile survives just fine without beams so if the devs gave us an option to enable all beams or only beams that are relevant to the item filter or turn them off completely i think the game would be alright. i noticed this too when i made my first filter and thought it was kinda strange that i was seeing beams without item labels.

It’s had beams for years.

As an OPTION, not as the only behavior for everyone.

I wanted them to show for a few seconds, than go away until I push a button to show them again.