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Is this how Vengeance supposed to work?

Making a full Vengeance build right now. Something is off about this skill and I can’t pin point until today. I just realize that the two Additional Reposte does not work when you are only hitting One Enemy around you. It’s a bummer because single target damage output is rather low when only one Reposte is triggered (instead of all 3).

Is there any way we can change it? Because at the current design, Vengeance isn’t a good crowd clearing skill (weapon reach short and Dark Blade dealing pitiful damage) and it certainly is not a good “boss” killer if only one Reposte happens at a time. I also have to reduce my Dodge because Dodge doesn’t trigger Reposte.

While we are at it, can we increase the base damage of Dark Blade? The idea is sound but damage is way too low. I took 4 Passives Dark Blade (Blade Assault, Combo Reposte, Punishment and Vital Puncture).

If Reposte can be triggered 3 times against the same target, then Dark Blade can help out against single target more.

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