Is this game a Path of Exile knockoff, which itself is a reinvention of Diablo 2?

Hello, new here, I just looked through game mechanics, some twitch streams, supporter packs and this looks 100% like what Path of Exile was in 2012 when I beta tested it (same name there). How did this came about and what this game plans to achieve? Anyone know?

No, it’s in the same genre (aRPG), but that doesn’t make it a knockoff. There are several mechanics that are different (protections versus resists, ward versus energy shield) as well as a different take on skill trees (versus support gems).

As far as the plans to achieve, there’s a forecast for what they’re planning to implement prior to release.

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I personally think that Last Epoch sits between overwhelming PoE and watered Down D3.

I would compare Last Epoch with Grim Dawn. It has ALOT of Depth, while being pretty forgiving, especially for beginners (but there are some hardcore choices like SSF, Hardcore and Machosim Mode(more damge taken)

There are currently alot of features not present, but they will come. One of the similar things to PoE that will come(but is not ingame yet) is a Trading Place (Bazaar) which will be like an auction house for gear, which is LE’s take on trading,. pretty similar to PoE’s trading.

There are alot more smaller Details but i wouldn’t call it a knockoff.

Here you can see the dev forecast which includes some infos about coming features

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I’d disagree with you there, assuming the bazaar works like any other auction house, you won’t need to spend 10-30 mins spamming other players with messages to get a trade. PoE doesn’t (& won’t) have an auction house (not even for consumables like currency & maps).

This game is trying to be the best iteration of ARPG by iterating and incorporating the best features of ARPGs out there.

Well yeah, i didn’t wanted to go too much into detail here, yes it will be more like a traditional auction house. I wanted to draw similarities between PoE and LE as the economy(in LE mainly Gold) will be pretty much player driven through this system.

There are no other arpg’s with inherent trading system, that was my main point here.

Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how the trading works (or doesn’t) when that’s implemented along with multiplayer. I wonder whether they’ll implement “normal” trading (ie, outside of the bazaar) player to player, or not. If there weren’t p2p trading, that should put the kibosh on RMT trading as well as forcing people to use gold for trading instead of the community settling on some other commodity (like SoJ in D2).

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I would also imagine Glyphs will be a big trading point as crafting is very popular and Im always in the need of glyphs. Great game. Alot of similarities to D2, Grim Dawn and PoE but very different in its own right.

I have never understood the “knock-off” comments in regards to games. Simply existing in the same genre doesn’t mean “knock-off”, if it did, 90% of games would be a copy of something that came before it. Certain themes in ARPGs will likely be present in all titles.

Also keep in mind, from a design stand point, that if you stray too far from the norm it can actually have a negative impact on player experience. Certain things are just kind of expected from ARPGs.


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