Is this bow good enough to slam a 3LP Talons of Valor?

What do you think? Someone told me that crit multi would be much better than the bow physical damage, but is that really true?

I have the nodes that transfer most of added damage to my falcon. And since you already get crit multi from multiple other sources, is it really that much more valuable than the flat damage, which is hard to get? Of course it is possible to find a better bow, but it could also take a long time…

Personally I would think so, just be aware that you could get the “Chance to Chill” instead of one of the others that I know you (just like me) would love to get on it.

I’ve been toying with what to put on a 3-4 LP ToV…I pretty sure the top three stats are:
- Crti Chance / Bow Attack Speed
- Your main damage stat (Bow Damage seems to be easiest)
- Flat Melee Minion Damage / melee bow damage
- Phys Pen

B/c this gives you the crit chance and attack speed to explode the mines onto an enemy thus increasing your multiplier at a faster rate all while boosting your damage with flat attributes…

Your bow looks good but you do run the risk of the chill taking a valuable spot…Just double check your main damage stat is indeed Bow Physical…