Is this a bug? Silver Shroud does not prevent the hit

In this clip, you can see I clearly smoke bombed before getting hit, and I was hit shortly afterwards, but I did not dodge. I have no idea what consumed my silver shroud, someone told me that the poison pools from the plant were invisible and considered a hit while invisible ???

I don’t get it. Am i not supposed to dodge this hit?

The only thing I can think of is that the hit that killed you was big enough to go through your ~1.2k life and the ~300 ward that you would have got when Silver Shroud proced. Though that doesn’t explain why your stacks dropped from 3 to 2.

It’s an interesting edge case, if you have 1k hp & Silver Shroud would give you 1k ward, if you get hit for 1.5k does Silver Shroud proc & protect you (leaving you on 500 hp) or not?

No, that’s not how it works. Silver shroud guarantees a dodge against the next hit. When the next hit is dodged and the shroud is consumed, then it provides ward.
If my shroud had been consumed by a hit from the plant, I would have gotten some ward back. Any time you see me take a hit during that run, I have a small amount of ward from shroud proc’ing.

Its my understanding it should have been a dodge but I don’t understand why. Silver shroud is up every 10 seconds, and smoke bomb provides a charge of silver shroud also.

Yeah, you were maintaining 2-3 silver shroud stacks throughout the pertinent time, you didn’t take any damage apart from the hit that killed you.

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