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Is there reason to play soulfire bastion?

Well, I just died by Huge AOE necrotic dmg by one shot(ofc I should just use that soul amber to live. But I swear these attack’s warning is too short sometimes), dungeon was almost cleared.
Anyway, This dungeon just take SO MUCH TIME, by stupid maze, and monsters just dropping a soul amber by one by one with small groups.
This dungeon can give “random high tier sealed affix” and the boss limited drop, then what?
I think there is no reason to play this dungeon, cos It takes SOOO MUCH TIME, than play monolith.
Every end game contents in this game is like “HEIST” from POE, I mean EVERY CONTENTS IS. When you die, u have no more chance. And this soulfire bastion? I can die at one shot and take TOO MUCH TIME.
Is there some good reason to play this dungeon?

You are describing dying to an issue that was brought up by McFluffin a while back regarding dungeon mechanics being messed up… That AoE necro from an unknown source has been discussed…

There are plenty of discussions about Dungeons if you want to search the forum… Most of what you mention has been discussed in depth so am not going to rehash it here…

As for the point of the dungeons… all relative I suppose… I dont run either of the new ones… Temporal Sanctum is much more useful as it obviously lets you create legendaries… but the other two have limited value in my opinion… Soulfire just brings back the gambler behind a gate and Lightless arbour is just a gold sink.

Other than getting the uniques - the Ashes of Morality is a good ring for some builds… there rally isnt any point in the dungeons… These two are most definitely “optional side content” that you never really need to bother with…

I agree with OP, i ran one Soulfire Bastion yesterday and it took a lot of time and all those arrificial obstacles were really annoying.

In my opinion all tvose dungeons are NOT ENDGAME content. They have a certain mechanic at the end like upgrading uniques but they are now way additional content that you can keep playing.

The temple or Delve is real endgame content which really adds playability to the game and adds specific mechanics to craft your gear. Hope EHG will realize this and deliver sometime in the future.

Don’t forget, people have been screaming for that for years.

That’s the necrotic winged guy that drops down. He shoots 1 shot at a time and if you manage to let him charge up and stay in the same screen area he releases a masssive aoe attack that can hit for near your HP.

Yip. Didnt feel like going into it after referencing the older posts…

To quote @McFluffin

Dungeon’s bad