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Is there a wipe planned after the multiplayer releases?

So I know single player characters will not port to multiplayer when it is released. To be honest this is the biggest turndown for me for not playing yet.
When the multiplayer update launches, is there a character wipe planned sometime after we get to play the multiplayer, or will the characters persist? It is really important for me to know if my time playing will be well-spent, since I don’t really have much time to play these days and starting over for the third time is not really a great idea for me.
Just please bear in mind I am just asking - if the devs plan to do a reset after the multiplayer starts I will just acknowledge it and wait for the wipe to happen :slight_smile:

No, your current characters will remain offline-only.

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Welcome to the LE community!

The devs already said, that the most likely outcome will be, that all multiplayer characters created before 1.0 will more into some kind of “Standard Cycle” (Cycle is what they will call their seasonal stuff).

I think the general mindset of the devs always was and still is: No reset, if not absolutely mandatory. They know that a lot of player value their time spent into games and all the progress they make very very much and they would not do a wipe ruthlessly.

So while it’s very likely that this will not happen you never know.

The question now is:
Do you want to play in an online or offline environment?
Because if you don’t care for the online environment you can already start playing.
If you really want play in an online environment, you definitely need to wait for at least 0.9.0.

But if you are really really worried about this, there is nothing wrong with waiting even longer and start with 1.0. At that point I guess the whole situation will also be definitive.