Is there a strong "turret" like build?

Thinking trap assassin D2 or various totem builds from PoE, is there a build that turret like mechanisms do all or most of your damage in this game? Thanks :slight_smile:

Shamans do have totems, and I did make a decent totem build (not worthy of a build guide), so it is possible. Of course, Pet builds (lots of skeletons + wraiths) are also possible. And then the Mage can become a turret with Disintegrate builds.

Not worth a guide cause kinda weak? That was my fear. I’ve looked through all the guides on that “100+ builds by boardman and others” thread. Hopefully by launch there’s at least some viable turret builds, it’s always been my personal favorite playstyle.

I actually haven’t leveled it up yet to perfect it, so it might be decent, I just don’t know yet.

Here is an (older) builder link if you want to see.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Not strictly a turret build, by my Flame Wraiths are in turret mode: they deal +100% damage but they can’t move.

Oh that looks pretty neat, thanks will check it out too :slight_smile:

Try Ballista, it’s pretty fast and strong on the end.

ohh ballista that sounds perfect. i somehow missed that build! cheers.

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