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Is there a good build for Siege Barrage Javelin?

So i’m trying to build a Javelin Throw sentinel with Siege Barrage node that makes the skill shoot 3 (up to 5) javelines in a single point.
but my problem is how to build it effectively.
first problem is the mana cost. its very hard to maintain rapid-firing those skills with 32 mana cost per cast.
my second problem is what kind of scaling should i go for? lightning? physical? fire? maybe ignites?
would love a good guide for this skill if anyone know of something.

I could recommend a Electrify stacking Siege Barrage build with Tu’ranis Bident, or 1hand+shield.
With 3 points into ‘Excellent Balance’ (Javelin tree) and 2x -3 Throwing Mana cost Rings you can bring down Javelins mana cost to 12 (if my math is correct) when fully specced into Spiked Bombard (you could also leave out points there if you still have mana problems and spec later into it for more hits) . With enough mana regen or Volatile Reversal you can sustain the high mana cost+attack speed that you need for high amount of electrify stacks.
Its very fun to play, really strong single target dmg and just looks amazing!

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I did some stuff with a Pure Physical Forge Guard using Javelin (with Spiked Bombardment + Mosnter Piercer + Perfect Setup + Sacred Forge) and Forge Strike.

Javelin bascially one-shotted all small mosnters and everythign that survived was finished with Forge Strike.

This was when Javelin was released, so a pretty long time ago but I think nothing changed for that playstyle.

It is definitely a bit more slow than some of the very spammy javelin builds, but javelin can be pretty ridiculous looking with high attack speed anyway, which I don’t like^^

Amarathy made a really cool build with this node.
You should check on his YT for the “Zeus 2.0 build”

I had a build using the barrage. crazy good single target. pair it with a bunch of smite idols, go full lightning with smite and jav, and take 5 in VK for volitile reversal for mana sustain. I used turani’s bident, titan heart(DR with 2h weapon), and a bleeding heart(stupid amounts of leech and the throw attack speed). holy aura has some nice ele buffs as well iirc.