Is there a difference between buying it here and on steam?

Since the sup pack here gives you 350 coins for the shop does the steam version too?
And if i buy it here can i link it to steam?

Hi, here is the text from steam store:

" Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ardent Gladiator Supporter Pack:

  • Access to Last Epoch Beta and Full Release (Beta will be live until full release)

  • Juvenille Skullen cosmetic companion to follow you around through the world of Eterra

  • Ardent Gladiator forum badge showing your early support

  • 350 Cosmetic Coins to purchase in-game cosmetic items at release

  • Full digital soundtrack at release"

Hope it helps

And btw, i bought it on steam and got the badge, the pet and will receive the 350 Cosmetic Coins once the store goes live

No, there is no difference. You can chose to launch from either Steam or the game’s launcher.

thats nice didnt saw the text on the steam store though. So i guess they get a bigger cut if you buy it on their website which is also good

Or bad, if you consider that once they get enough sales on steam, they’ll get an increased cut from steam.

does steam raise their cut if sales are good?

i only know that you can get keys you can sell directly without the cut as a developer thats the keys greenman gaming for example sell

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