Is there a demo?

Is there a demo i can try?

Not yet, but if i am not mistaken it is still planned.

It was originally scheduled for Phase 1, but was delayed.

The current advice from the devs is to get the game on steam and refund it within 48hours if you don’t like it.

They have a no questions asked policy if you refund within 48hours no matter how much you play within that time.

Edit: Pls see Sarno clarifications instead :slight_smile:

I think you’ve confused Steam’s refund policy with ours there, Jerle.

To clarify - our policy is one of ‘no questions asked’ refunds within 48 hours of purchase, regardless of time played. Steam’s policy is within 2 weeks with no more than 2 hours gametime. Our policy does not apply to purchases made on Steam, and vice versa.

Arh. Indeed I confused the two. Will point my OP to your clarification.

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