Is there a bug with T4 Julra or what?

I just can’t kill her no matter what. I am trying Flame Wraith Necromancer. I have all my resistances maxed, over 3.5k health, over 10k armor with all the buffs, multiple layers of damage reduction, insane damage output…and a mere pool on the ground is enough to instantly one-shot me for even getting close to it. I don’t need to be on the center. Just trying to avoid those disgusting things that appear out of nowhere and cover the whole damn area at some point is enough to one-shot my character. I don’t know what I can do anymore to get past this extremely frustrating boss battle. What else do I need? 200k armor? 100% damage reduction combined with 500% critical avoidance and 5000 void resistance? It seems I need to achieve some impossible stats only to not get instantly killed by everything without any warning.

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Do you mean the void pools (Dimension Tears)?

AFAIK Void pools do DoT so armor doesn’t matter, they also shred void res like really fast. Block and dodge also don’t work against it.
Main way I deal with the void pools is fight her in Ruined Era only after the first timeskip(Teleport back immediately after the explosion) so there’s only one pool in some corner. Fight already has a tiny area thanks to the void beams no need for more annoying area denial. Also it is buggy(maybe what happened to you) but sometimes she can cast cold wave or other skills at the same time as the DoT pool. Best way to deal with skill is not let her use it…
Julra damage is weirdly random, sometimes I can facetank the lightning blasts, sometimes random oneshot, sometimes her projectiles hit for a quarter hp barely, sometimes 3/4th of hp.

Side note: Its pretty annoying that all the end bosses have some form of DoT skill that’s a fuck you to basic defenses like block, dodge and armor…

What else do I need? 200k armor? 100% damage reduction combined with 500% critical avoidance and 5000 void resistance?

You need to learn to play…

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I don’t wanna say ‘get good’, but also you’re not meant to take more than one tick of the dot, can also grab an oracles amulet, might let you take more than one?

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To react faster. You are dying because you are trying to figure out how to tank something that you are not supposed to tank.

Also just that u know Julra’s loot is bugged she cannot drop her own loot lik ethe glove and the super great relic, if you are a necro wraiths i think you are aiming for that so just FYI to help you release some pression :slight_smile:
Also as I wraiths necro I always switch for a good oracle amulet before this fight and I run super fast when the pool drop to avoid staying on it (stack it on a corner) and to avoid the frost wave you can simply go the other side of her and cast you wraiths on her to be safe

I’m curious though, could one build a character to tank it?

holds down rebuke
somehow times the immunity from arbor chest piece to coincide with the cd

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I am not trying to tank anything. The pool appears below me and I instantly die. Or I have to dodge another attack, try to go around some pool, but either it has a misleading hit box or I don’t know, but just going near it is enough to instantly kill me. It is not that my health starts to decay and I have time to act. It goes from 100% to 0 instantly.
By the way, a few patches ago, there was a bug that dying to her wouldn’t fail the dungeon. Instead, it would prompt me to respawn. And guess where I’d respawn? Right on top of that pool at the entrance. That would also instantly kill me no matter what. The only way to not die to it was to respawn and do nothing because of the grace period. Even teleporting out of it was impossible.

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You seem pretty frustrated and i can understand that. Its frustrating to die over and over.

That said, I asked you a direct and specific question as first response on this post and you seem to have skipped over it.

Was that intentional?

If you believe there could be a bug (e.g. a hitbox issue), its important to first establish the mechanic which is causing you an issue and whether you are dealing with it sub-optimally

Can you record and post a video showing your fight?

I share the same frustration with the difficulty of this fight. I believe that its possible to zoom around the room long enough, never getting hit and slowing wearing down the boss. But I don’t want to play like that (I can’t really, I have to play with one hand at a time, repeated stress injuries). I find it disappointing that the devs designed this fight so that that was the only way to beat it. It should be possible to build a tanky, lower damage character that can make it through this fight, taking some hits. But from my hundreds of hours in this game, and what everyone else is saying here, it does not seem to be. Zoomy glass cannons are the only build type supported in Last Epoch end game right now.


Hey there. I suggest you post this in the #feedback-and-suggestions forum. You might find your feedback gets lost in the wash and noise in a general post.

You see, that time you spent over it after it immediately appeared, is more than enough to one-shot my necro twice.

And the worst part is that I don’t even care about her uniques. So the bug preventing her drops is not what annoys me. What annoys me is that I need to do kill her to craft my legendary Logi’s amulet, cuz it can only be done in T4. That and some other legendaries I wanted to craft, but can’t.

So, a couple things:

  • if you have 3.5k health and capped void res,
    i don’t think it should kill you in one tick, so something doesnt sound right with that (do you have something which is causing you to take more damage from spells, DoTs, etc)
  • overcapping void res can be useful against Julra as some of her abilities shred void res
  • the ability is always cast when she changes timelines and it is not instantaneous, so you should be moving when she is going to cast it – this will reduce time in it to as little time as possible (this also means if you use the dungeon ability more, you get more pools)

If you want more tips for fighting Julra, you can check out maxrolls guide :slight_smile:

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