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Is the single player campaign essentially complete?

Hi everyone,

I just have a quick question, as usually I play arpg for story mode, is this aspect finished?
I read that there are more chapters planned but would this be sort of like an expansion or is it literally the main plot yet to be released?

many thanks

Well. there are 9 Chapters out of 12 that the developers have confirmed… so no, the campaign part is not strictly finished…

That said, there is a LOT of content - easily enough to enjoy a few different characters…


for more.

ah gotcha, yeah from everything im reading there is a ton of content to tuck into, but I always like to have the main story to complete, I’m probably a small percentage of arpg player that will literally just play the campaign over and over with every class and pretty much skip endgame stuff. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: im very hyped for this game