Is the respec system intentionally so awful in order to drive community engagement?

Is the respec system intentionally so awful in order to drive community engagement?

The respec system, lockouts and lack of ability to save and switch been specs and loadouts is unbelievable baffling in an otherwize really polished and feature rich game.

Was this awful system created just to drive community engagment?

Was it the bosses idea and everyone along the approval chain was just under pressure to push it through?

Is this problem just so the cash store can sell a solution? If so I would gladly pay $100 for a reusable item that lets you change specs and loadouts at will.


You are not the first person to talk about loadouts in this game and honestly I think you are all confused and thinking you are playing WoW here cause I do not recall of a single ARPG like this to have loadouts in them and I never had an issue with that. Besides there are so many other more important things that need changes/fixes that it is baffling for me to see why your main concern is this.


I have no problem at all with the respec system. I like it. Its different and it is not too punishing imo. I have seen way worse tbh.
And Im not planning to be done and bored with this game any time soon.


Yeah most players seem to have made their peace with it. It just feels so much like a bug that im compelled to try and find a fix. Crazy that players have been complaining about this for at least 2 years. I just dont see what the devs have to gain by creating mechanics to restrict flexibility and punish people for trying to enjoy the game.

I wonder if they have some real spaghetti code and they can’t fix this system without causing cascading technical issues with seemingly unrelated things.

It’s because a significant part of the community prefers a more restrictive system. A system that allows to freely switch between specs and/or have loadouts is exactly the kind of system that would get many of us to simply drop the game.

The current system is very permissive, and allows to easily try stuff out and fix mistakes if you make any. That is what is expected of those systems. However, being able to instantly switch builds is something that would harm our experience by removing the identity of any specific character.

I’d guess this notion would come from Diablo 3. And yes, Diablo 3 is a pretty bad experience.


You might get character editor for free, not sure how popular these programs are nowadays.

Diablo 3 has loadouts and it’s awesome.

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In a game where all of your builds revolve around sets kinda makes sense. Did not know that. Still this should be the least of the worries for the devs atm.

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Yeah I mean the game does not have too much depth to offer so they had enough time to add that to it I guess

It’s not so much a matter of time to add a feature, as it is a decision on what kind of experience you want the player to have. Diablo 3 gives an entirely unimmersive experience centered around action, and is dislike by a massive amount of ARPG players (most of which have moved to other IPs) due to that. By putting hurdles on its respec system, Last Epoch simply caters to a different audience, which I am a part of.

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Hey, just wanted to pause and say i apperciate your guys civil discourse. Good community on here. Im just a bit tilted, since the last games i sunk 200 hours into D4, Remnant 2, WOW have loadouts. Its become a bit of an instinct to lean on that tool. It just feels off to try and reach for my favorite tool and suddenly have to be temporarily nerfed for the privilege.

Respec system → Fine.
Made for community engagement → No.
Cash shop item for respec → Dumb.

The system was made so you can’t swap back and forth between builds on a whim. It stops you from having a build only good as clearing Echos fast and swapping to a build for bosses that sucks at everything else. You are encouraged and required to make a build that has the capabilities of completing all of the game’s content.

Yeah, seems like thats just the way the game is. I reviewed the feedback section expecting this to be the #1 issue and for most of the post to be about this and it just isnt the case. I think it would be the #1 thing to help keep players playing after the campaign. Though given the server issues it kind of makes sense to find ways to reduce player count once they are past the steam refund window.

Get a bit more into depth there… what exactly is awful with it?

Because from my perspective it’s a fairly decent one with a few minor flaws but nothing majorly bad there.

Loadouts would be nice in my eye, and I’m an advocate for that as well given that we have more available builds then character slots… but otherwise?

No, most players don’t see any problem with it at all in the first place, that’s an important difference.

If it’s in terms of skill switching on the fly then it’s to remove the ability to make boss-loadouts outside of town while still allowing to switch skills without having to redo content.

The alternative would be to make only waypoints and no portals available as well as fixing skill-changes solely to the town.

Which one’s better? I personally don’t know, I would say limiting it to the town actually and removing portals beyond the waypoints.

Diablo 3 never gained major traction because it was too casual and had too many glaring issues for more die-hard ARPG fans.
It was played because there were no reliable alternatives on the market providing a similar amount of content.

For the more casual ARPG approach it was a perfect game though. Last Epoch in comparison is the middle ground between PoE and Diablo 3, trying to remove the frustrations from PoE while not allowing it to become to railroaded like D3 was.

I would argue there needs to be more end-game content beyond repetitive monolith running as the #1 issue.
I think a ‘weightless’ respec system would actually reduce player retention rather then increase it as it reduces the build variety, instead focusing on making working clear-speed builds and single-target ones for bossing rather then taking cuts from both sides to nonetheless work with the limitations present.

There’s barely any major server issues left.
Stability and rubberbanding needs a bit of work still, but besides that they initial issues have been solved to a vast degree.


You clearly haven’t played Diablo 3 or 4 then… not that I blame you, those games have a lot of issues, but the loadout feature was not one of them.

For many players, myself included, the respec system as a whole, including the armory, was a big negative. Different players like different things.

A weird take to say that a thing you didn’t have to use or interact with ever made the game a worse game, but you do you.

Actually for D3 is it. It has caused the retention time of players to be lowered massively, hence causing them to loose a more then hefty amount of cold hard cash.

Just my opinion but even the word “loadout” makes me ill. It has no place in this game and would just gut one of the primary elements of the game

Depends on what it’s used for and how it’s implemented.

Having loadouts inside the respective masteries wouldn’t be bad since we only have 25 character slots but already 15 masteries. Meaning we can’t even make 2 builds per mastery.