Is the Merchant Guild buggy?

Hey Guys,

I wanted to buy a “Reach of the Grave” in the trade and then look for the highest affix “Inc Minion Bow Attack Speed”. But I can’t even find this affix in Affix section. Is this a bug? This is how it happens to me with some items that certain “affixes” are simply missing or are not listed in the trade.

Are you looking for a legendary Reach of the Grave (slammed exalt + unique)?

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No just the Normal Unique. I found it but i cant search for “inc minion bow attack speed” Affix. Doesnt exist in the Trade Affix selection.

That item will ALWAYS have that affix, so if you find the item, you find the affix.


Yeah i know, but i cant find the specific Number. it can roll 7% to 12% Minion Bow attack speed. I want to search “Reach of the Grave” with the highest Value. With 12%Attack speed and not all the 7% to 11% ones…

As an example with PoE, I search for the affix in the trade, then enter the highest value (for example movement speed 35%) and I only see boots with at least 35% movement speed. Why doesn’t this work with Last Epoch? That’s what I mean.

Yeah, the Bazaar needs a massive overhaul on the UIs.
It’s really not possible to search for a variance within the same affix tier, and unique item affixes don’t have tiers, so it’s even worse to look for the ideal one.
So yeah, you can’t do what you want to do right now.


The interface is that way so that MG isn’t even that much more superior to CoF. Not very elegant, but effective. Sort of.