Is the game multiplayer yet?

i have a friend who wants to play a good coop im curious before i have him spend the money since hes miltary and dont want him to spend for something thats not here yet can we play together inn current gameplay?

Not yet.

thank you!

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скажите а когда будет добавлен мультиплеер

MP is flagged for phase 3, we are currently still in phase 2 (though towards the end of it as there’s not much left in phase 2 for the devs to do).

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Does “no multiplayer” also mean the game is offline mode, or is it online mode but you can’t group?

Some folks in the game chat were saying LE is currently online mode (which makes sense because we can chat), but I thought online mode wasn’t until phase 3.

There’s no differentiation right now between online and offline. We’re all “online” in the sense that there’s a global chat server, but none of our sessions are connected otherwise. Multiplayer per the roadmap would ultimately mean that other players can group with you (party size unknown), the play session would be shared between the group, and persistent trade would occur via the planned auction house system.

Thanks Dominic, very good explanation.

So, my understanding is that we won’t be able to use any of our current characters or gear in the multiplayer environment. Is that correct?

That’s correct, upon multiplayer release all current characters will be put in the “offline” category.

Makes sense. Thanks again Dominic!

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