Is the constant disconnecting new or something?

I’m a fairly new player but from what I can tell from skimming the forums is that either nobody cares about the constant dc issue or they are falsely thinking it’s a problem on their end and not bringing it to attention. Or hell, I just might not have seen it, I did just skim.

This seems like a really good game, I relish the thought of grinding and crafting my gear and what not but the fact that I cant even finish the first area of a dungeon without disconnecting midway through it is very frustrating to say the least. Sometimes I might get through a couple echoes and sometimes I’ll dc only to get back in and take 1 step and dc again. It is most definitely not on my end because (not to bring up a sensitive subject) I have over 5000 hours logged into poe over the years and I can recall 2 maybe 3 times disconnecting on that game and at least 1 of those times it was on my end as a result of a router restart. I have lost out on multiple echo rewards, a couple of them laying right there on the ground but unable to pick them up because I dc’ed. I can’t even figure out what the dungeons consist of because I have never made it past the first area without disconnecting. I can deal with the multiple bugs I have come across and pretty much anything else but this issue may just be game breaking for me and that’s just sad because it seems like something new I can sink time into.

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I’m not talking about lag at all, or ping, or pretty much anything you mentioned. I’m talking about playing along just fine with barely a stutter with ping in mid 20’s and then all of a sudden kicked to character select. Or just standing in town with absolutely nothing going on and out of the blue just kicked to character select. Can play pretty much any other game for literally years and never dc even once so it’s NOT an isp or router issue. It is on this company’s side. I understand that mp is new in this game but this is a game killing issue that needs fixed before any other less major issues. This will drive people away, I mean why intermittently play this game when there are an assortment of similar games that have steady connections? I don’t want this to happen, I see the potential of this game and want it to succeed.

I am having the same issue, no problems with lag but I am constantly being disconnected from the game server, 3-4 times an hour sometimes. I don’t have any issues with any other games or devices that require network connection so I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve played a frankly embarrassing 86 hours in the past 2 weeks and I think I’ve disconnected maybe twice. I’m sure it is a sever issue of some kind but it’s not uniformly distributed across the player base. It’s been pretty much a non-issue for me.

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