Is specialization obligatory?

Hi, I’m wondering if the specialization quest is obligatory. If I don’t specialize in anything (to make the game harder in HC), will it have any bugs or will I be able to proceed with everything normal? (only a weaker character, maybe), if anyone have tried it let me know.

ps.: I’m just enjoying the game and doing some char based on an anime character that doesn’t use magic/elemental damages so I don’t want to specialize and stay as much as possible close to a human using physical damage.

Dont you need to pick a mastery now to make the game proceed?

I mean if the answer is no, then you could could go on going on, but you are going to be more gimped than me irl. Its more than a bonus and another skill tree, there are important skills behind the other boards.

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Only if you want the campaign to proceed.

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You don’t have to pick a mastery, but you will be extremely shorting yourself as the synergy is based on your choice of skills and passives. There are skills you will not have available to you if you don’t choose a mastery because you can’t advance the passive tree to unlock them.

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ahh, so you can still do monoliths and arena.

You technically don’t have to pick one but it will really hard as you will only have access to the base class skills, not even the pre-lock line passives and skills. You can advance the story without picking one in multiplayer by getting someone else to get to that point with you, leave party, have them advance and then portal to them. It will be brutal.


Thanks Mike, I forgot to clarify that lack of access to the other classes skills without the mastery selection.

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You didnt need to, I did :expressionless:

Thank you all for the info, specially Mike for providing how to continue the story in multiplayer. I’ll try to do that, just reached the mastery quest right now with this new char. Gonna be hard to find someone at this point to help to do that :rofl:

Good luck with this idea.

For interest, there were a couple of players a few years ago who did exactly this - not chosing a mastery - specifically to see if it was possible. This predated the current content levels - I think it was around the time Lagon was the hardest boss (or a little after - might be mistaken and couldnt be bothered to look :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )… From what i recall, they managed to finish everything at the time on a few classes (Sentinel & Mage?) but I think Mikes comment about “It will be brutal” could be an understatement with the current version of the game.

Your efforts may be entertaining if nothing else. :wink:


Yeah, I’d quite like to know how it goes. For science, obvs.


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