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Is Shaman Underperforming?

Is there a particular reason Shaman are very far from the top of the Arena leaderboards? I’m trying to figure out if it’s because the Shaman is not good, or if it is just underplayed/misunderstood. Any insight would be appreciated.

It is just not enjoyable as other builds. There are great shaman builds out there. The skill rotations seem herky-jerky or lack a stable synergy. It’s either EQ or Avalanche or it’s a bust. The instant/auto casting of skills is required to maintain DPS and/or defense. It is really difficult to pace consistently. There are many players that love the playstyle that get the most of the shaman.

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Imo its the lack of defense that keeps the shaman from doing good on ladder.
BM got dodge/endurance and pets to hide behind
Druid got high life/endurance (and can also get a decent pet if youre going the 1 minion route)
Shaman got decent armor/ele res, but only when totems are up, and thats a pretty unrealiable thing as defense, as in higher arena totems gets one shot, and that means youre quickly dead.

A few things i think could make the shaman work would be :

  • Lower the ele res from mastery, but make it a permanent res, and not relying on totems
  • Make buffs that totem grants last 5-10 sec after totems die
  • Add a Taunt totem with high life (or give totems an active taunt ability), the way the “taunt” work with totems now is just not working in higher level content.

Another thing i think keeps many from playing it is the bright lightning from storm totem that makes you dizzy/hurts eyes when playing it for longer periods of time.

I have made many versions of the shaman as i really like the class and want it to work, but they all fail when getting to higher content. The only version of a shaman i found decent to play is a Spriggan build, and its fun to play and has high damage, but still lacks survivability (on ladder) compared to BM/Druid.