Is rubberbanding ever going to be fixed?

Is rubberbanding ever going to be fixed? Or should many of us just full quit this game? I had high hopes for this game on release, but turns out it’s just another run-of-the-mill company-first, players-last game. Still can’t play with my wife online, both computers rubberband every 10ish seconds, and still the double and triple rubberbands. USWest. Our other friend on USWest has the same problem. ALL of our friends who play USCentral and USEast all have rubberbanding in varying degrees, but all have stopped playing already. The only acceptable way to play right now is still offline since there’s no rubberbanding. But we all quit that a month ago. We can all play literally any other game out there online together with no rubberbanding. This is THEE only game right now that we play that has it. Waste of $75 bucks for us. Should’ve known better than to pre-order and also play more than 2 hours so I couldn’t get a refund. Joke’s on us I guess. Back to PoE and D4. Maybe we’ll check back in another month.

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