Is Rogue In Game?

Before I buy, just wanted to check on this. Blade dancer, is it playable? I see some info from 2018 and 2019 that says not yet and something about phase three, but how about 2020? Any progress?

Not yet

Alrighty. Thanks for the quick response.

did the devs already announce when the rogue is approximately coming to the game?


:frowning: still waiting for my favorite class. Thx for the reply

There is a post in which Devs tried their best to let us know the progress they are making and when to expect things to come.

Rogue, as I am waiting for it as well, will be part of 8.0 Patch, along with Legendaries and Multiplayer.

Since we are at patch 7.7, and On reddit I got an answer from one Dev stating that the next patch should be 8.0 :slight_smile:
Sp please stay tuned, it’s almost here, can’t wait!

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Wow, great news to hear! I can’t wait for the rogue and multiplayer, finally i can bring my friends into the game since they only wanna play it together with me :smiley:
Thx for the info @KingOfAbyss

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Umm, you got a link to that post?

Heya LLama,

Seems I misread, so it’s 0.7.8… almost there though: ekimarcher

EHG Team1 point · 1 day ago

0.7.8 will be the next patch.

Guess I got tricked a bit :wink:

but 7.8 is close to 8.0.

While I understand your friends, as a better way of being a good party members, I think it’s good to master the basic, and perhaps even try the masteries, so you can create a better team and play… but that’s just me.

I just invited friends, and lots are waiting for the price to get lower on steam… *the link has a 25% rebate, but once you open it, it’s not there…

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Yeah, but unless I’m misreading it they didn’t say that Rogue & MP would be in 0.7.8. I hope they are, but I don’t think they’ve actually said they will be, I suspect they would announce Rogue/MP here as well as Reddit, they aren’t GGG afterall…

Edit: Also, doesn’t mean they won’t go from 0.7.9 to 0.7.10 if they don’t think that patch warrants a bit number increase.

Yea i guess 0.8 sounds more realistic as a bigger patch for those big features. Sounds good to me, its not far away anymore. And yes, i also tried to convince them when there was a 25% discount but since the horrible wolcen release they don’t wanna risk any early access purchase which i can understand. Even i was unsure, but hey, fuck it, its only 30euros and i fell in love with the game lol. At least they ask me everything about the game once it will release and they will buy it :wink:

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Rogue, as I am waiting for it as well, will be part of 8.0 Patch, along with Legendaries and Multiplayer.

I just want to correct a misconception: All of these aren’t confirmed to be coming in the same patch, and there’s no concrete patch number for any item on that roadmap. The phases are general groupings of development goals that EHG expects to come out around the same time, but aren’t necessarily guaranteed to come out all at once. For example, Tooltip DPS is still Work in Progress, but 0.7.8 should be Chapter 8 story content. When these things are getting released I’m sure EHG will put up a huge preview post about it.

We haven’t said any of this anywhere.

Literally the only thing we did was clarify that 0.7.8, not 0.8, will be our next content patch.

I’m closing this thread because this post was very misleading and I need to make sure that people see that it is not accurate. Please try to avoid spreading misinformation in future.