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Is ravaging stance bugged? Tooltip damage is way off and doesn't seem to drain HP

The tooltip shows 2.9k dps but seems to only do 20 to 40 or so damage per tick on enemies and the training dummy. My warpath has similar tooltip DPS and does 300-500 damage per hit on non-crits.

Clearly I’m not max level, but is enemy resistance the reason for this or is it just oddly low? Or am I being blind and not realizing something else is going on?

Enemies don’t have resists but the tooltip for that is clearly wonky. I doubt they’ll be fixing it though since it doesn’t have a skill tree and may well be removed from the game.

Was thinking the same, hopefully Juggernaut Stance is not removed as thats quite useful on some setups

That’s a real shame, since it’s the primary reason I chose to make a void knight… I do hope it gets fixed soon!

Juggernaut - Agreed… Quite keen to see the final version of some of the stances - hope they dont all just get removed…

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Personally would love to see some cool things happen with the stances.
Would love to see them get some utility or synergy with smite, hammers, and echos.

They’re likely going to replaced with new skills. Which is cool.