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Is poison effect from rattlesnake passive affected by aspect of the snake effect?

I was wondering if aspect of the viper effect only effects the 100% poison chance & increased dot or the 50% poison effect from rattlesnake rattlesnake passive as well.

Rattlesnake’s increased poison effect will affect any poisons you inflict whether you have Aspect of the Viper running or not.

I dont think thats true. The passive itself states that aspect of the viper grants the poison effect and without AotV my poison tooltip is only 23, with 50% effect all the time it’d be 30 at least.

I did some calculations and the answer to my questions is: Yes. The poison effect is affected as well.

Without AotV:
poison damage 23
increased damage 14%

With AotV:
poison damage 156
increased damage 254%

I got 69% AotV effect on my idols and another 69% on helmet + body armor.

With 138% effect the poison effect would be increased to 119% (50*2.38).

20 base damage * 3.54 increased damage * 2.19 poison effect = 155.052 poison damage.

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