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Is Poison damage fine?

i played a paladin level 88 atm my def stats are:

and i’m nearly oneshot from some Poison mobs, the dmg on ground is hard too.
not sure how i can push my def more to survive that venom guys

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I was going to come in here and lecture you on other defensive layers, but you have them all covered haha. If you have a piece of gear that can reduce that extra 7% of glancing blow so you can convert the defense into something else, that may help ever so slightly.

My question is how is your dps? Did you have to sacrifice a lot? Your only other real option it would seem is to spec into a ton of leech.

dps is hard to say, i used hammer throw with the “void” Dmg until arena wave ~260 and all mobs died fast enough for me(most instant a few big ones need a few secs). the leech in the passives didn’t work for my attack atm so i used 6% leech on a amu and leech is ok if i can get close enough to the mobs, but the Venom guys have range attacks that kills me so fast that i cant even get close to them.

My friend plays a mage and spammed all in int/ward and he cannot die

It seems you have an all around solid build, what you have done is provide more evidence as to how truly op ward is at this point.

I dont really have much more to offer, besides what im sure you know. Protections have large diminishing returns and opportunity cost, it takes equal values of protection - life for a 50% shaving of damage. Is it feasible for you to respec into dodge? High chance to dodge plus your perma 50% reduction from glancing blow may be an option as well.

Poison may very well be overtuned though. Nothing we can do about that sadly, all we can do is theory craft.

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