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Is Minion Physical Damage Life Leech Broken?

Hey Travelers - Smartalik here - looking for a little advice!

In my last week of starting a YouTube and streaming channel I wanted to theory craft an Immortal Minion build around Rib Blood/Blood Splatter and Minion Life Leech. Why?

Well, I spec 5 points in to Splatter for a 100% percent chance to splatter, 5 points in to Crimson Flood for the area increase on splatter, Blood Infusion to give my minions 30% damage boost when they are in a splatter, 1 in to Infused Frenzy for 10% attack speed and finally 3 points in to Hemophagy for 15% of physical damage done by minions leeched as life.

On top of that, under Summon Skeleton I put 5 points in to Marrow Tap for another 5% damage leeched as life.

On top of that I put 5 points in to Leech Life for the Skeletal Mages for 2.5% health leech on damage done.

At level 40 I focused on Minion Physical Damage and have only 193% increased minion physical damage.

On top of all that, I tried to synergize Transplant in to the mix. I take 1 point in to Acolyte’s Fervor so that I can put 3 in to Dance of Blood which automatically casts Rip Blood on nearby enemies when I Transplant, which in turn has 100% chance to trigger Blood Splatter…empowering all nearby minions.

All of that together should be empowering my minions constantly, and they should have 20% of damage done leeched as health. But as you can see from this video, they aren’t leeching at all, and if they are, it’s such a small amount as to be none at all. (Google Drive Link to video)

Does the community have any tips of what I might be doing wrong in this line of thinking, or am I right in finding that this life leech synergy is just flat out busted right now?

Leech is useless for every minion apart from Manifest Armor and Abomination imo

your minions are hitting for 80 damage

20% of 80 = 16
Life leech is life leeched over 3 seconds - 16/3 = 5.3 life per second which is useless

The best stat for non Abomination is ‘Minion Health regen’ you can get at least 80 on belt alone

Abomination on the other hand can crit 100% of the time and leech 20% of their crits, and then dealing 60k a hit

60 / 20% = 12,000

12,000 / 3 = 4000hp

So abomination can leech 4000hp a second and probably gets about 60k hp

Skeletons will barely hit more than 1200 from a crit, if you have River of Bones or w/e its called

1200 / 20% = 240 damage leeched

240 / 3 = 80 hp a second, so therefore 1 single affix on your belt is about the same and has no conditions ie landing a crit and dealing 1200 damage

Llama can correct if im wrong but this basically backs up leech being somewhat garbage for most minions


Thanks Shrukn - appreciate the in-depth numbers! Helps a ton.

As Shrukn said, minions have massive amounts of hp so unless they do massive amounts of damage they won’t leech an appreciable amount of their hp back.

Additionally, Skellie Mages don’t do phys damage, they do necrotic or fire/cold if you convert them.

so why is the 55 mono boss a melee minion health leech ring lol

Leech for minions is not bad, you also do not need to look at how much maximum health minions have, when talking about leech.

It’s way more important about their sustained incoming damage and if leech counter-acts that it can prolong the lifetiem of minions dramatically.

And between very dangerous encounters and easy encounters there will also be room for minions leeching more than getting incoming damage.

no idea

that ring is useful for Manifest Armor in high corruption because you can snapshot the Crit immunity and leech and that thing doesnt get Leech anywhere from memory

Abomination gets it for ‘free’ in the Necro tree and Dread Shade gives 100-% crit so Abom leeches more than anything in the game basically

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