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Is leech working for acolyte?

I’m a bit lost I’m trying to rebuild my lich to play without blod splatter and with 12 spell leech I can’t see any difference between my passive health regen and the regen while casting drain life on a dummy or on monsters.
Soul Leech Damage isn’t giving my any HP either, only a few points with the small orbs.
Has leech been nerfed ? Am i missing some passive I took without reading ?
I made a bit of testing and it just seems that there is no leech at all.

It’ll help if you can show us what passives/skill specs you have.

Leech is working on acolyte… just make sure you haven’t taken the passive talent that changes all your life leech into extra dmge in the lich tree.

Oh dear.
Totally missed the “Converted” in the description and though it was just added… Thanks a lot.

Hahaha :slight_smile:
Problem solved it seems

Yeah that talent is a real stinker for alot of people

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