Is Ladder Broken?

I’ve made 5 runs on my Sorcerer between waves 200 - 250 yet it doesn’t register them on the mage ladder.
Here’s one of them Last Epoch Arena - YouTube

Am I missing something?

My characters dont get into ladder as well. Didn’t want to bother devs with that since it doesnt really matters for me, but I’m curious too if I missing something.

Looking in game at ladder i see that last rank (rank 100) have done wave 219.
On your posted run you show wave 205.
Maybe that is the reason?

That’s on overall ladder, there are individual class ladders also. So I’m talking aboot the mage ladder.

The ladder is a bit borked, it’s a known thing.

And in my case its solo hc league, which doesnt even have 100 characters in ladder yet, so anyone who reached arena should be there. I think, maybe our characters counts as offline for some reason or something like that.

ok, thought you was softcore league like most.

i see, did not know that there were individual class ladders.
I apologise :blush:

I ran into the same thing and someone in chat told me to hit L and pull up the ladder in game before starting a run. It worked for me but it might have just been a coincidence.

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“Before starting a run” - you mean before enter the arena, right?

Thanks I’ll give it a try next run.

I just tested it, works for me. Got into ladder

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There are 2 tips/tricks, Every arena run you do is saved so if you make to wave 400 and notice that your name did not get updated onto the ladder, simple leave the game completely(exit completely not just to the log in screen) then log back in and Open Ladder and make sure you can see other peopls runs, then just do 1 or 2 waves and you will be on the ladder with your previous highest run on that characters.


Btw, wanted to ask someone - I read that arena/monolith scales with your level. Does that mean if I get level, but cant find a better gear, I will do less amount of waves on arena, than I would do with lower level?

Yes those 2 areas scale with your level so if you do nothing from level 90 to level 100 with gear passives or skills yes you will have a slightly harder time although its not a huge difference.

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