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Is Judgment supposed to scale with Cast Speed instead of Attack Speed?

Title, basically. Judgment has a Melee scaling Tag among others, but it scales with CS instead of AS.

Oh wow. I hope this gets fixed sooner than later if true. It would make my upcoming judgement build feel a lot smoother than it currently does (I stacked over 200% attack speed, sometimes over 300% at times) and now it would make sense as to why it still feels clunky, since its using my slower casting speed which is around 60% instead.

If it is scaling with cast speed that’s a bug.

I am SO looking forward to that build :slight_smile: And yes, Judgment scales with CS and not AS. I found out by mistake while leveling. I equipped a brass amulet and realized that my Judgment dps went up. Then, I equipped a jade amulet and my dps didnt change.

I think @boardman21 is preparing a Judgement build, he may be able to tell us.

It certainly appears to scale with cast speed, hence my comment about it being a bug. Unless the devs want Judgement to be a bit different (like the Spirit Wolves from Swipe, they scale with minion damage as well as player damage).

Having it scale with cast speed instead of attack makes no sense at all. Its a skill that has the melee damage tag, not spell tag.

I havent had a chance to test it ingame to confirm yet, but it kind of shines a light on why nobody was playing it prior and why everyone was telling me its a ‘clunky’ feeling skill to use.

Exactly! I gave it a quick punt this morning & it did seem to attack faster with a load of cast speed on my gear.

Any way we can get this slipped to the devs to get put on the list of to fix next patch? I see you’re a CT so you might have more influence in this regard.

I have been trying to showcase a judgement build in prior weeks on stream and I feel like this is probably what has been holding it back from doing well in arena, or well, any part of the game really. I am fairly confident that judgement was a very low representation skill because I have not seen very many builds using it since, well, forever actually. It was the general consensus too from others I talked to about Judgement, that it was simply a sub-par skill, but that might not be the case anymore if this bug gets addressed.

Ask the devs if it’s supposed to work like that on discord, then → Bug Reports - Last Epoch Forums

The Man from Del Monte says no.

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