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Is it possible to upgrade to Supporter Packs?

Hi, I bought the game on Steam for 29,99€ and got the game and in-game pet. I like the game so I’d like to buy a Supporter pack but I see it costs $35 which includes the game and some additional goodies.

Is it possible to upgrade my initial purchase to also get the Gladiator or Champion pack? I regret now not buying the pack immediately but I wasn’t sure if I’d like the game or not. Adding another 35$ to already spent 30€ seems a bit too much at this point just to get the cosmetics and forum badge.

Not to draw comparisons with GGG and PoE, but they have a very flexible payment system where it was possible to buy 30$ of points and when they released a Supporter pack for 40$ you could pay only 10$ to get the Supporter pack. It would be nice if something similar was possible here as well.

You already have the gladiator pack when you buy on steam - the pet you have comes with the gladiator pack.

Yes it’s possible here too. Just drop an email to to arrange. They are kinda swamped at the moment though. So you might need to wait awhile before they get back to you on an upgrade.

Welcome to the community!

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Hmm, you are right, I just checked Steam store page:
Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ancient Gladiator Supporter Pack:

Access to Last Epoch Beta and Full Release (Beta will be live until full release)
Juvenille Skullen cosmetic companion to follow you around through the world of Eterra
Ardent Gladiator forum badge showing your early support
350 Cosmetic Coins to purchase in-game cosmetic items at release
Full digital soundtrack at release

But you can see I don’t have the forum badge here.

Additionally, I’m not sure why my forum name (d777dx) is not the same as my account name (Odoakar). Did I mess something up with the account creation?

I’m not too sure about the technicalities of those since I got my packs from the website. So rather than give you possible misinformation, ill just leave the dev team to get back to you.

Just want to give you early assurance on details I know :slight_smile: hope they get back to you soon!

Hi @Odoakar,

Thanks for your patience.

I’ve fixed up a couple of forum-related issues for you. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Just to confirm - you do indeed own the $35 Ardent Gladiator supporter pack. Unfortunately, at present we’re not able to offer upgrades. We hope to make them available again early next year, however I don’t have an ETA to share regarding this right now.

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Hello, I would like to make use of this post to get some help too. I’ve bought the game on Steam some days ago but I’ve been unable to get the in-game rewards.

And for some reason, my username in the forum is the first part of my e-mail instead of my actual username.

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