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Is it possible to have just beta access packs?

I just wanna pay $10-$15 for game and beta access. I don’t have any interest in the bonus items the $35 package is offering.

At KickStarter the $35 pack was the cheapest price point beta access was offered at, so we’re unlikely to introduce a new, lower price point as it would be unfair to our earliest supporters.

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What would be unfair about offering just the game and beta access without any bonuses? You are paying $35 for the soundtrack,pet, forum badge, 350 cosmetic points and beta access. I just want the game and beta access. Seems odd to charge people for a beta to only collect selective data. Seems odd to stick to that philosophy and only let selective amount of people in based on a price tag. $35 is a lot for a game that’s early access with estimated Apr 2020 and only costs $15 at launch.

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People seem to confuse beta tests with cheap trial versions lately. :roll_eyes:

That’s because not everyone is supposed to get in …

Yes let me pay my money to play a beta to test a comapany’s product then give them feedback but still pay my money.
A company should want as many people they could get into a beta for feedback and server stability knowledge.

It is called early access precisely because the game is not ready for everyone to come in. Dont confuse a real beta with pre-launch promo “betas” that big companies do.

You can choose to support the devs because you think their project shows promise and you really want them to succeed, or you can choose to wait for launch. The way it is now they get mostly people that are really interested in the game and provide good feedback, at a $10 price tag I believe the servers would be flooded and the amount of feedback wouldn’t necessarily increase neither in amount or quality. Just my 2 cents (35 bucks) on the topic.

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