Is it possible to be warned when you need to rollback?

I had read that many players are sometimes “victims” of rollbacks and I always thought “I’m very lucky”.
Tonight I logged in and had fewer skill points and no longer had a helmet that I dropped (and it was a good helmet too).
For tonight it’s better that I don’t play because I’m a bit tilted :sweat_smile:
So…is it possible to get a warning of rollbacks? Or are they unpredictable?

We aren’t intentionally doing something that causes a rollback. There are a few bugs which can cause the servers to get confused as to what the most recent data is and a newer version of your characters gets overwritten with an “older” one. Technically it is a newer one but it’s not the most recent one you were in control of. It’s a long story but we are working on it and we have some solutions in the pipe that are being validated. There is no way you can tell if it’s going to happen as a player and there is no specific behavior that I can recommend avoiding in order to reduce your chances of experiencing one.

We know all too well how frustrating this is and it is a top priority to fix. This is one of those things that must be fixed.


Thanks for your reply!
Of course I don’t think you do rollbacks on purpose, that’s not the first thing I thought of.
So you’re telling me that playing “might be risky” in that sense.

Because I read that some players have been rolled back even 10 levels and that could be a big “ouch” if you’re in the endgame stages.

I don’t even know if I can ask “what can you recommend about it?” because these rollbacks are unpredictable.

So in case it happens can we ask you a kind of recovery? I mean if its possible to get back losted skill points, losted experience, equipment and so on.

I’d assume that’s what the rollback is. If the same thing had happened pre-0.9 it may have resulted in the corruption of the save file.

Ah good to know about the technical reason. Thanks for sharing this information.
Does restarting the game every hour prevent the loosing of longer game progression (e.g. multiple hours)?

I don’t think so because it’s not like it’s making checkpoints really. If anything this would probably increase the chance by forcing you onto more servers. Pure speculation on my part by the way, please don’t think that staying logged in will help either.

Ah ok. Thank you

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