Is it possible to add the "void" element to the paladin's "javelin"?

Maybe it can make “Javelin” more interesting in terms of construction

Use specialization or equipment to achieve 100% physical conversion to void

Sentry’s void throwing damage is currently relatively monotonous

Maybe you can try using Void Cleave with Javelin? There is a node in Void Cleave that grants up to 100 void damage to the next throwing attack. If you are using Siege Barrage node with Spiked Bombard node in Javelin, that will be 5 * 100 = 500 void damage per throw.

I don’t have any opinions on giving Javelin void conversion node tho.

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that’s a great idea
i will try to see

but there is a problem
“Void Cleave” can only use two-handed axes or two-handed swords
Then this type of weapon, whether it is legendary equipment or rare equipment entries
Doesn’t support “Throwing Damage” much

Ideally, use a spear as your primary weapon type
That’s why I have equipment or skills that can have transformation mechanisms

I’m afraid that’s something you’ll have to work around. I’ve never actually tried this tho.

There are things that might be able to make up for the loss of throw damage when you are not using spear. Things like void penetration, void DoT, shred void resistance, etc.



I will test it in a few days

“Void Cleave” Mastery Point Void Projectile
When triggered by “Javelin”, only the first hit has an effect
The next few hits did not support this damage

What a shame. :slightly_frowning_face: I thought all javelins from the same throw will benifit from Void Projectile.

I will test multiple times

Maybe I can’t see the difference with the current equipment?

I did some tests. I think all javelins from the same throw do benifit from Void Projectiles. Be sure to hit at least one enemy with Void Cleave to get the bonus.

There’s a node, Dismantling Throws, on the right side of Void Projectiles that grants up to +5 stacks of Time Rot to next throw attack. If you use Javelin with Siege Barrage node, you will get more than 5 Time Rot stacks on the target. The maxium stack of Time Rot is 12. You should be able to reach the cap easily with max level Dismantling Throws node and Siege Barrage node.

By the way, the Fresh from Forge node in Forge Guard tree also grants flat gamage to next throw attack. I tested that node as well.

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