Is future strike's damage also used by the echo?

For example, I use vengeance with future strike. Suppose an echo of me appears and attacks, would that echo also inflict future strike?

Also, does future strike benefit from void penetration on my weapon or any of my weapon’s local void damage?

Every single hit (except Smite as that’s bugged) can proc Future Strikes (assuming you have 100% chance) including echos of skills. Since Future Strike is not a melee attack it doesn’t use your weapon damage though it can benefit from the following:

  • % void damage (not flat melee void or spell/throwing void)
  • % general damage (there are a number of skills & passives that grant general damage buffs, such as Vengeance’s Dark Duellist node)
  • % crit chance (general crit, not spell crit or melee crit)
  • the strength or attunement % damage buff depending on what the skill that proc’d it used (so if you proc’d it with Vengeance which is a melee attack that uses strength, the Future Strike proc’d by Vengeance will have it’s damage increased by 4% per point of your strength)
  • attack speed, kinda 'cause more attacks in a given time frame mean more procs of Future Strike (such as Vengeance’s Rapid Strikes node, or Smite’s Righteous Flurry node)

I’ve not tried, but it should benefit from void penetration on your weapon or passive skills.

It doesn’t get any benefit from the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • % melee damage
  • % spell damage
  • flat melee damage
  • skill damage, if the skill that proc’d it has any nodes that increase the skill’s damage, they won’t have any effect on Future Strike proc’d by the skill, such as Vengeance’s Faint Strike node)
  • % damage over time (as it’s not a DoT, it’s a delayed hit)

It can’t be proc’d by dots (Abyssal Echoes) or minions (Ring of Shields) as it’s an effect of the player character & currently it can’t be proc’d by Smite.

Ok, thank you. I see so it also wouldn’t benefit from the part of world eater that leeches from melee damage.

Correct, just the void leech part of that node (or any other non-melee/non-spell leech.

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