Is Flurry/multishot OP/bugged?

I try out multishot, it shoots at a snail’s pace and drains a ton of mana. However, if I invest in flurry and combine it with multishot as a channeling skill, the number of shots increases significantly with low mana usage. All the other abilities seem weak in comparison to this powerful combo. Is this how it’s supposed to work? will it get patched when game release? i feel like this is an exploit.

Yes, Multishot is proccing significantly more frequently than it should (1 every 4 arrows). Enjoy it while it lasts.

I been getting tons of uniques in monos farming with zero challenge and I feel like a cheater now. I feel like i should stop playing this character.

Well, this is still EA, so it’s the time to test things out and exploit, really. If you’re having fun with it now, just keep at it. Yes, it’s a bug, but it’s been reported and it will be fixed soon(ish). As long as you’re aware that at any time a patch could drop that will nerf your build and you’re ok with it, I don’t think there’s any harm in it, since I expect 1.0 will bring a clean slate anyway. If not 1.0, then at least the first season/cycle.

If it was a priority bug it would have been fixed by now. I imagine that if the game were in 1.0+ it really would have been hotfixed already. But in EA things are a bit more lax.

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I was working on a personal build using multishot and flurry. Bleed based to ramp up bleeds.

I’ve tabled it for now because this bug drains my mana so fast it’s hilarious. I’m going to come back to it when it gets fixed.

Just a heads up –

If not 1.0, then at least the first season/cycle.

^ 1.0 is going to be released with / as the first Cycle.