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Is Efficacious Toxins as bad as it looks?

You see it in a couple of spots in the skill trees for Acolyte and Rogue, it takes multiple skill points for a chance to proc 10% increased damage from DoT’s.

Multiple skillpoints for a 10% increase? Am I missing something or is this thing as bad as it sounds?

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Isn’t it a more multiplier?
For Puncture its awkward to get (5 points for 10%), for acid flask its fine to take those points (4 points for 25%).

It specifies “increased,” so I don’t think so. Test dummy doesn’t even show a consistent difference in damage :\

There is increase dmg, more dmg, increase dmg taken and less dmg taken. I’m pretty sure the last 2 are considered being more multiplier. I’m also having a hard time testing those numbers, especially testing DoT/ailments on dummy

Assuming it’s working, “increased damage taken” is a more multiplier.

Also, given the wording is “enemies take increased damage” I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work on the dummy. @TriKster

It’s still too many points for 10%, even if it’s a “more” multiplier. Needs love.