Is Calamity (Unique Helm) Bugged? Also Divine Bolt SFX

Is Calamity (Unique Helm) Bugged?
I’m recently playing Ignite Warpath Paladin and using the said item. I just noticed that most of my deaths are 1 shots in non-empowered monos and the cause of death is the self inflicted fire damage from the helm, like 90% of the time, this was the cause: It’s not just 1 shots but sometimes I lose 1/2 or 1/3 of my hp from something.

I don’t think I’ve had this problem on other character even I used the helm when leveling. Is there something going on? Or I’m just squishy? I’m currently at Reign Of Dragons timeline and these are my defenses:


Nothing is “Divine” in Divine Bolt. At least not so divine for my ears. The SFX is so muffled, too loud and has too much bass and sounds like a garbled mess. It kinda sounds like some sweaty guy sniffing or breathing heavily with his mic in his mouth lol (Sorry EGH). I mute the game whenever I play this build because it’s just too much for me.


There are quite a few reports of Calamity & the dying summary indicating it was from the Calamity self inflicted damage. A quick forum search will show quite a few, some even years old. Exactly what is happening is odd tho. I have a feeling that this one is gonna need some careful testing/debugging to see what is actually happening.

Divine bolt is, imho, pretty pathetic in practise so honestly, if it sounds crappy I wouldnt be surprised. I stopped even bothering to use it years ago when it fired bolts into the ether rather than the mob standing next to you and I dont think thats ever been fixed properly. More like damb squib bolt if you ask me - nothing divine about it at all.

I stopped using Calamity and I noticed I’ve been getting one shots much less. Although I don’t have a proof, I really feel like it’s bugged.

As for divine bolt, it’s really underwhelming and I would stop using it too if only it doesn’t make my life easier from hitting enemies far away and luring them next to my character, as well as applying DoT on them. And I wish it has at least a shotgun effect where the other projectiles can hit the same target if up close. Either way, the sfx is just too bad.

Bug Reports

I really would like to avoid posting in there without any proof that it’s actually a bug. But since it was mentioned that it’s an issue even from years back, then sure. I moved it.

Also **** divine bolt sfx.