Is Bone Curse even working? Or am I misunderstanding it?

My understanding is that enemies which are Bone Cursed will then take damage when they are hit. I also believe that the damage from Bone Curse is coming from me, and thus will scale with my Spell damage.

OK so what’s the problem? I am running a single Archmage Necromancer. Due to Dread Shade’s Egoism skill node, my Archmage always crits. So the thing I cannot explain is this… during echoes, with damage numbers turned on, all I see are the large (yellow) crits coming from the Archmage’s ice attacks.

I expected to see a bunch of small non-crit (white) damage numbers coming from Bone Curse as those crits land. But I do not see that.

What is going wrong?

I hadn’t ever noticed this. But looking at LE tools, Bone Curse ISN’T a hit, it’s a DoT. But since it’s triggered ON a hit, is it possible that damage is just ADDED to the ACTIVATING hit?

That seems a little weird but might explain it. Would be really hard to test though.

If not then it might be a bug?

Technically speaking Bone Curse is a hit, but it can’t proc any on hit effects itself.
It is a weird skill that probably caused a lot of headaches for the devs with how it works under the hood.

I think what OP describe is one of the behavior with floating damage numbers. IIRC one of the Devs explained, that floating damage numbers are grouped together if they occur within a “x timeframe”.

When you combine crits and non-crits I think they are grouped together and are shown as crit.

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Ah, usually Dammit has this indicated on a skill and I didn’t see it. I might drop a note on the Tools forum in case. Do you know does it count for other instances where “to hit” is indicated. Like “chance to shred on hit?”

No it does not trigger any on-hit effects, except the ones from its own skill spec tree. (this is clearly stated in the Tooltip btw)

Otherwise the skill would be utterly broken, because it would literally double your on-hit applications.

Ack. Need some help. I couldn’t find this anywhere. Hovering the link doesn’t show it either.

You are using LastEpoch Tools right?
The Tooltip there and what is available in game is not the same, at least for some cases.

I can’t remember where exactly it states that Bone Curse doesn’t trigger on-hit affects though.

Either the Alt Tooltip or in some of the other nodes in the skill tree

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Yup got it. I finally was able to get back to my computer (I should probably just never get bored when I’m out and about with just a phone).


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It’s not, it’s an ailment that applies a hit under certain circumstances, that’s why it can crit but can’t apply other ailments like ignite. It’s similar to Spark Charge in that regard.

Yes, they have said this before & is likely what’s happening.