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Is Ballista worth it in Fire-based Marksman?

I’m currently leveling a Marksman and have been using Ballista until I unlocked Hail of Arrows which I was planning to use all the way along, but in the meantime I grew to kinda like Ballista. I also liked the potential of Dark Quiver which I was using in conjunction with the rest of my skill setup, but I found that I needed Decoy more once I swapped to Hail of Arrows. Right now I’m not sure which of the two skill setups I like more but I consider Ballista-Dark Quiver as an option. The two skill setups I’m being indecisive about are 1) Cinder Strike/Detonating Arrow/Hail of Arrows/Shift/Decoy and 2) Cinder Strike/Detonating Arrow/Ballista/Shift/Dark Quiver.

Just to be clear: I don’t want advice regarding my whole skill setup, these are the skills I like using and I 've customised them in such way that I get maximum benefit from them. All I want to know is whether Ballista is worth it in such a setup because as far as I understand it only scales with minion modifiers and dexterity.

Thanks in advance.

Ballista also scales with part of your own scaling, due to a node in its tree.
Usually, Ballista can be good be lack some power. Only several players have been able to push them rather high.
Regarding your two options, I would personaly chose the first. I rather like Ballista (and I have a nice legendary ballista bow ready for action), but I’m totally convinced Hail of Arrows will be more efficient.

Yeah, I was leaning towards that too. Your reply makes me consider it more but I’m still kinda indecisive. It’s just so tempting to go for Ballista just because I was hyped with Dark Quiver.

I’m also a bit biased because of Dark Quiver.
While I like the idea, it kind of panics me. I shoot, then I run around in all directions to grab the arrows. Someone told me to shoot, ignore and grab only if I walk through, but I can’t. My mind’s blocked on these arrows and I MUST grab them.
I tried again recently, still the same and I had to remove Dark Quiver from my build. I like the skill, but I really can’t use it, it drives me crazy. :crazy_face:

So for me, that was one more reason to chose your other build. But even without Dark Quiver, I find Ballista a bit lacking. And somehow in conflict with the Marksman, who is supposed to move permanently.

Yeah I totally understand that “it drives me crazy” thing but I don’t bother as much. While I was using it I was grabbing arrows whenever I could and partially ignored the ones I couldn’t. I understand that Ballista can be lacking but I don’t think it conflicts with the whole Marksman thing. In fact I think it’s quite fitting as you can kite around mobs and have Ballistas shoot at them.