Is "Assemble Abomination" melee? It doesn't have melee tag

I just thought it was odd, I thought it was melee (at least primarily), but doesn’t have the tag.

Also, are Skeleton Vanguards melee?

You can double check all these kinds of things on lastepochtools. Dammitt draws all this info direct from the game files so its about as correct as it can be without getting confirmation from the devs.

You need to realize that skill tags and the tags of minion skills they use are different.

The player only cares for the tags on the summoning skill in relation to his own skill bonuses - Abo is channeling, physical, minion and Intelligence. So if you want +level skills to apply they should affect channeled, minion, physical or intelligence based skills but THEY WILL NOT affect the abomination directly. Even if the abomination skill had the melee tag player increases to melee damage would not affect it.

Currently I don’t think there are any skills that do damage and also summon minions, but if any exist or existed the same rule would apply to them. If a skill theoretically did a melee attack and also summoned a minion it would have the Melee tag, but any increases to player dmg would only affect the player strike and not any minion attacks.

Abomination uses its own skills depending on the nodes unlocked. His default melee slash skill is melee and physical, so it will benefit from melee physical damage modifiers as an example.

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A) There are stats for minion damage. I said nothing about melee damage for my character. There is literally a stat “melee minion damage” or something like that, on a few different weapons but specifically the 2-handed spear I’m using.

B) There are definitely skills that do damage and can also summon minions. Bone Curse and Transplant both fall in that category, and I know Primalist has at least one too. There could be even more.

C) Skills that summon minions but don’t do damage still have tags, so not even sure where you’re going with this.

D) Abomination doesn’t have the melee tag, but other summon-only minion skills do.

Ok, so the Vanguard has the melee tag, but the Abomination has NO minion tags at all. As much other bugs and incomplete information exist in the game, I wouldn’t just be surprised if the devs forgot to put it in. I guess I could test it out on a target dummy, but I figured it would be an easy question to answer and so far that seems to not be the case.

Ok so I tested it and some interesting things:

  1. Melee minion damage DEFINITELY affects the abomination. It does way more damage if I summon it with my spear equipped as opposed to summoning it without it equipped. Taking the spear on and off while it’s summoned does nothing. That’s very strange.

  2. I have level 2 of the passive that he summons Skeleton Vanguards on death. It’s supposed to summon 2. I have tested this out before, and it summoned two before when I did it. However, it is now summoning 3 and I have no idea why. I tested it 3 times – 3 each time. Weird. I swear before it was only 2.

Are you sure about that? The link above shows minion as a tag of the assemble abo skill. Not in game so i cannot see what the alt in game is saying.

So anything to do with minions should apply to it - its a minion.

Minion skills have both a “Scaling tags” section (which is where “minion” as a tag sits) & then a “Minion tags” section which is normally populated with the tags that the minion would have (melee, fire, etc). The OP is wondering why the Abomination doesn’t have the “Minion tags” section 'cause that’s inconsistent.

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Yeah this.

Most minions have additional tags like “melee, bow, magic” but “Assemble Abomination” doesn’t.

Again, I thought this would be an easy question, I didn’t expect it to be so hard. I tested it and 100% sure that it scales with melee on this target dummy.

I’m just confused as to why I’m summoning 3 Vanguards instead of 2 now. I think I summoned 2 when I let it die by its health running down but if I “kill” it by summoning another abomination, it’s 3 instead. Like, perhaps somewhere in the game files it thinks it’s dying twice? I’d say it’s probably a bug, but who knows…