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Is a single companion build even viable?

Primalist has two passives that limit companions to 1 so I would assume that would mean there is a viable build for it but I’m not seeing it. A year ago I made a biggest raptor build which managed to get through into the end game and then stopped dead in its tracks. Now I come back and it looks like nothing has changed. Even if I were to make it a scorpion or something else instead it looks like they are still useless passives to pick up.

Single minion builds require a minion who has some mechanics to either do aoe, or does so much damage that its worth it.

For primalist the best fit is bear. with those passives it becomes unkillable and you send it into a pack and it retaliates with homing thorns as well as has a massive damage spell basic attack for single target.

Id play it as a druid though to get access to the 40 flat spell damage at the end of druid. you can go beast master for bleed versions to get the second more damage single companion passive.

This is the popular thread about this type of build, but you can do many variances on it.