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Is a perma-freeze build viable?

Hi everyone,
old D3 player here and i was wondering if someone ever tried a perma - freeze build like the one we had on D3 long ago.
I tried to play around with the build planner but i don’t have enough experience and familiarity with the game in order to put together a build.
Do you think it would be possible?

Perma-Freeze - no

Very reliable consitent freezing - yes, up to a certain point.

In Higher Corruption Monolith this will become less and less reliable.

There is a recent freeze build in the mage section and it has been performing very well. Go take a look. Personally, I gear swapped a bit for empowered boss though since the freeze become less reliable (maybe 1% chance which is still quite high for boss) and freeze actually breaks the boss attack pattern and the dangerous attack become hard to predict.