Invite your friends and signup for Last Epoch’s Free Multiplayer Beta Playtest on Steam!

Hey Travelers!

Tag a friend - Signup for Last Epoch’s Free Multiplayer Beta Playtest is now live on Steam!

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to introduce your friends to Last Epoch, there is no better time than right now. You don’t need to own a copy of the game; all you need is a Steam account. Head over to our steam page and hit the sign-up button!


When can we sign up?
Right now!
Link: Last Epoch on Steam

When can we play?
Thursday February 23rd @ 10am CST - Monday February 27th @ 10am CST

What the Free Multiplayer Beta includes:

  • First Look at the upcoming 0.9 Patch
  • Play for free with up to 3 friends in your party!
  • Adventure through the first 4 chapters
  • Access to 12 Class Masteries.

Hey, really hyped for the game, been waiting for the multiplayer.

I do have a few questions though regarding the open beta

  1. Can i play the open beta outside of the steam client? I have standalone Last Epoch launcher and i’d rather play that way.
  2. Is there gonna be a wipe after the open beta?

Otherwise, keep up the good work

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This limited event is only possibel through steam.
When the patch 0.9 releases on March 9th, that#s when you are able to play the standalone again

Yes this limited time event will happen on a entire different envrionment than 0.9 release.
All progress from that event will be wiped.

Your regular characters that you have on the current live version (Patch 0.8.5f) will move to offlien characters in the 0.9 patch.

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Sorry to disappoint, but 0.9 is Steam only.


I must have missed the notes, where it say that its steam only ?

It was confirmed on the Discord.

On my phone or i would provide a screenshot from the link i posted

Fwiw - you can link your LE account to your Steam account.

I’ll also include Mike’s follow-up post to that, which states:

So it’s unknown at this time if this will change in the future, but currently patch 0.9 is planned to be exclusive to Steam.

EDIT: For those impacted by this, here is the support article explaining how to link your LE account to your Steam account so you can access the game on Steam:


This Free Multiplayer Beta is only half of the story mode and not all content like the multiplayer events before?

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Yes, that is correct.

This event has content up to Chapter 4 (killing Admiral Harton on the Dreadnought)

That is correct. The Arena, Monolith, and 2 of the 3 dungeons will not be accessible during this Free Multiplayer Beta.

Afaik, Lightless Arbor Keys begin dropping from Rare enemies in level 25+ zones. So, provided nothing has changed, it should be possible to get a key and run that dungeon.

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Are the spots limited? Or does hitting the button guarantee a place in the beta?

Technically I guess the spots are probably limited by something but I don’t see a way we could ever hit it. You’re in!

Thank you! I was mostly worried for my friends on the edge about purchasing, but willing to test it out firsthand.

Yea, just everyone sign up. We don’t have a limit that we are enforcing.

Hi Mike,
Following up on the limit, I signed up but there is a message like it’s full actually.
Is it just the wording or are there really no more spots?

I’m not sure what it’s saying but it is not full. There is room. It will not become full.

Okay thank you!
Here’s the message:

You’ve requested access! Keep an eye out for an email notification from Steam when the developer is ready to accept more participants.

I think that this is actually the “you’re in” message. It’s just an automated reply that Steam gives.

Resonances is brilliant! 100/10
Thank you !

New here, sorry, brother mentioned this game as we both play Diablo. wanted to give it a try, but not sure how to download without purchasing?
thanks in advance.

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