Invisible Mob Bug

I literally cannot do anything in the “end game”. I have a lvl 62 Druid and had this bug occur 9 straight attempts on Majasa and in 7 straight monoliths. The bug is when the mobs are not visible but are still hitting me, i cannot zone out of the zone i am in, and i cannot portal out.

Bump for a dev response.

One other thing ive noticed is the longer i am in a particular zone or monolith, the more likely this is to occur. From what i can tell, there is no particular zone or monolith this specifically occurs in… e.g. it can happen in any zone. This is not a “crash” per say, the visuals seem to hang while the invisible mobs continue to attack me.

We’re looking into this. When the invisible enemies are attacking you, if that enemy uses projectiles, are those projectiles visible?
Does the issue seem to stop happening if you restart the game, or verify files in Steam?
You mentioned this seems to occur the longer you’re in a particular zone or monolith. In the case of monolith, does this mean running lots of echoes, or spending lots of time in one echo?
A player log from a play session where this occurred may also have useful information.


Thanks Justin.

  1. Visible Projectiles: it varies… sometimes enemies projectiles are visible, sometimes they float in the air, other times they are invisible. I am playing hammer throw and sometimes my hammers will behave the same way.
  2. restarting the game: the issue will go away temporarily if i log out to the character screen and play another zone or echo. verifying the files in steam doesnt seem to have any effect.
  3. not the number of echoes but the time in one particular echo.
  4. see attached.
    Player.log (946.4 KB)

It appears i can also bug out when just standing in the end of time. I logged into the game and then had to do something and came back 2-3 min later. I then tried to teleport to one of the monoliths and couldnt. I couldnt interact with my stash or the vendors in the EOT. Not sure if this is different or related.

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